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My biggest accomplishment was getting my pants on 🙄

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I hate explaining I sprained my ankle just putting on my pants

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Tell the last time you were in a teambuilding situation and took initiative. Well One time I got a bunch of my friends together and we smashed up my Ex boyfriend's Honda Civic

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For me that would be a big one.

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I think my biggest accomplishment was saving a possum from getting run over on a busy highway.

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Starting to think we had the same boss hmm smilie

Somebody tried to buy parts for a project that the engineer was still fiddling with, even though the engineer had given written instructions not to buy anything for that project. So I said "Waitaminit. we have this elaborate Engineering Change Order procedure for exactly such occasions." So I sent a notice to all the engineers to write an ECO for any status change. An ECO would go into the computer and block all purchases until it was signed off.

Then I reasoned that we really needed an improved form for the ECO procedure. I invented three forms, interchangeable except each was specialized for instructions, parts lists, or documentation changes, and I provided for a page numbering system that allowed multiple pages for a single order.

I have no idea how well it worked because I quit the company before the first use of my new form.