What is the worst grief you have ever had, and how long until you could feel normal again?

For me it was my Dads death, and it took me about 5 years to feel somewhat normal again. Ill never be over it, just learned to accept it and live with it. Its been 21 years now...

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Ha...you must be another me...apart from my Dad's death which was about the same length of time ago...but also:

I've had 2 pets pass away late last year; I am still getting over it. They say that going thru all the grief stages takes about 6 month...it's been about 6 months but it i am still weeping off and on throughout the day.

The one thing helping me recover is Medical Marijuana; who knew? After a couple of weeks of MM I feel a bit more laid back...and am not crying as much. I still miss them so much.

I am another you! Ive lost 2 pets myself and I grieved my last one like a person. What helped me ( and i was a wreck) was to get another dog...at first i didnt want to because I could never replace Spike, and it felt disloyal. Then I found a doggie in terrible need of rescue. Matted, disgusting, but happy as hell! I rescued him, cleaned him up, and hes been the best most loving dog ive ever owned. He was in a bad way, so rescuing him made me feel like Spike didnt die in vain because something good came from it. If anything, it helped me channel the displaced love I had for Spike because all that love displaced as grief was too much for me to bear, if that makes sense. And Med. Marijuana helps me through everything...☺

My fathers death June 11th 2007 was a hard one to accept because I still don't understand the why it happened. Despite that, I am starting to feel normal somewhat.

My mama's death Dec. 17th, 2012 is one that has taken an emotional toll on me. On Feb 7th,2012 we learned my mama had cancer, she sat us down and said she was refusing all treatment. She wanted to die on her terms. She cut off access to her medical records. We didn't know what type of cancer or how bad till 4 days before she died.

On June 11th 2012, she asked my one brother and I to make sure she didn't go to a nursing home that it would kill her and she was sure my older siblings would put her there. On November 11th, 2012, she was admitted to the hospital, it was the beginning of the end. After two weeks, the head of the hospital who was a personal friend of hers, met with us. The best choice for her was a Rehab to Home facility at a nursing home however, we all had to agree. My brother agreed, it was a week later I finally cast my vote because I was lead to believe she could come home then and with our lives it was the best choice.

For 37 days, I sat by her side, I watched her go a little each day. As I worked 12 hours a day, I would rush to be by her side for the other 12.I had just left to run to the house and get something for about 15 maybe 20 minutes when my brother called to say she was gone. She died with none of us there.

I still feel guilt and don't think I will ever feel normal. Sometimes my brother and I feel like we made the wrong choice.

I lost my partner, home, all my posessions, money, most of my friends and even my dog all in a six month period. That was five years ago. I'm not sure I could ever recover from something like that, but physically I'm healthier than I've ever been, emotionally it's a different story.