We live in exciting times. Can you name what to you is exciting...in the now?

Lots of exciting happenings these days: Medical Marijuana... Food... sports....and politics is keeping us hopping.... What does it for you these days?

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@VicZinc Bed

Nothing like a king-sized bed.


NO just NO! to scrapyard for all robots

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If you love surfing, my darling...does that mean you also love skateboarding...snowboarding...et al?

Turbulence and exitement are way different things

YouTube video thumbnail I should be receiving their music and some other stuff by tuesday

Going back to writing has been rather exciting for me

The pace of technological change, the constant threat of nuclear war, and of course having an emotionally unstable person as president.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh rollercoasters

When computers were first invented, the company got one to design printed circuit boards. It only worked for things on 0.025" centers, and the connectors we used required fingers on 0.040" centers. So somebody made a tape that instructed the plotter to draw the fingers after the computer had drawn all the rest of the board.

The engineer forgot to run the tape. The circuit board placed called and asked "Hey, don't you want gold plated fingers on this board?" The engineer figured it was a test run, so there was no need to pay for gold plating, and he said no. So he got a board with no fingers.

I used the lettering machine to print a bunch of fingers, you know, human fingers, and I stuck them to the edge of the board. I hung it in the break room with a sign saying "To err is human, but to really screw things up you need a computer!"

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Like a nice pic of growing greens do y'a? Nice....Hehe

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OH...why did you say That photo. :) then...

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What is better off not knowing...what does that have to do with That photo.

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Why do you say that? :) I'm just asking for clarification.

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Ha. Tis more clear that just sayin That photo. :)

I might be able to read your mind one day.

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Wing Suits that let one soar Image in content