It's almost May and it's SNOWING!

Image for post It's almost May and it's SNOWING!
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Well keep it wherever you may be, lol.

That's a bummer. It's a beautiful spring day here, close to 80 degrees. I've been outside trimming rose bushes.

Here it is beautiful, hon. Hamilton, Ontario... It is sunny...there is a brisk wind...but it is invigorating. Wish it could stay like this ALL year.

It could be worse, it could be here. Lol

Not here, it's 80 degrees...

Here too. 3-4 inches. And to think that it was mid 70's just 2 days ago and more coming early next week.... sigh so glad I haven't done too much yard work yet

I've had it hail a number of times in July around here... once on July 4th, which really surprised me. Also my family where in town (not that far away, miles wise) and they got nothing and was wondering why their was a dent in something... but hail came down extremely hard, and then melted, before they got home. Though later one of them went a different direction, where I guess they had even more hail and it hadn't all melted by the time thye got there, so between that and the news, they finally believed me.

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