Do you need a room to be silent while you read?

25% Yes 65% No 10% Other
doctorwho1011s avatar Books
10 15

Yes, no music, nothing.

Silence would be pleasant, but I've learned to tune out my surroundings when reading.

I become deaf whenever I'm reading, so it doesn't really matter

Yes. Distraction makes me read things twice.

No. But if it is quiet I get more reading done.

Ha hahahahaha - I have kids, there is no such as quiet. It's almost gotten to the point that silence is a distraction from reading.

Nope I love reading outside with the background noise of life.

No, I don't mind hearing some kinds of background noise, when reading.

I have a job where I read letters from people about their lives and lawyers and accountants all day, and it is really hard to concentrate when there is noise around me, so I usually listen to music on my iPod. But I would much prefer quiet.

Not necessarily. Once i'm involved in a story, I can tune out other distractions pretty well. Now, technical reading is another story.

I have read more books in coffee shops than any other environment.

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