We all understand that with each step in the advancement of technology, we lose another slice of our privacy. What do you think of the current privacy concerns when it comes to privately owned drones? A person can be in their back yard sunbathing, with a 6 foot privacy fence and a drone can be hovering overhead providing live pictures or a video feed to the owner. (Or whoever else is tapping into the feed) The law says this is legal.

The law currently states that it is illegal to interfere with, or shoot down a drone. (Although drones have been shot down, nobody has been prosecuted for shooting down a drone "yet".) Have we lost all expectation of privacy in todays world? Drone technology is still in it's infancy. Who knows how far the capabilities will go in the near future. Big Brother, coupled with media, private citizens and even criminals, makes for a scary scenario. Drones can also carry deadly payloads. Will private drones become yet another source of information as they have "eyes on the public", for the government? I'm a little concerned. Are you?