Janet Napolitano - More Lies, Cheating, Scandals!

You remember Janet Napolitano - Democrat that abruptly left DHS under Obama because of some sordid dealings threatening to be discovered. Her tenure at DHS was characterized by back-to-back lawsuits and multiple controversies regarding the agencies DHS oversees, which include the TSA, ICE, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services and FEMA. Naoplitano identified enemies of the United States like, Christians, those supporting the 2nd Amendment, pro-life supporters, and those opposed to illegal immigration. She issued a DHS report identifying these enemies to the readers of the report and encouraged readers of the report to report these kinds of people to DHS.

So, she was a little over the top, even by democrat standards. But wait! Janet is back in the news! I wonder if she will be able to escape prison this time!

When Janet left government in 2013, she took a big fat raise to go to University Of California to rip them off for awhile. As president of the university, the University of California hid a stash of $175 million in secret funds while its leaders requested more money from the state, an audit released on Tuesday said.

Janet has her cover story all set, like she was expecting the cost of postage stamps to increase or some bullshit like that.