how are you? are you good? are you happy? i wish you are! do you ever feel that sometimes how amazingly people think you are so cool/ no problems in life/ all fun loving kind of person you are. whats new in that i am sure most of you have heard all this and might have felt so. the point is is it all true? its funny how you sometimes constantly feel nothing is right in your life and yet nobody gets to know that. maybe you dont let anybody know.most of you who are reading this is because either you can relate or you are thinking some stupid 13-15 year old wrote it. well you are wrong if you go for the second option. sometimes its just hard to figure out who you are..what do you want? sometimes its just hard to understand your own self. its funny how everything gets distorted and falls back into place just to get distorted again! so do you find your own self when introspection doesnt help? would luv to know!