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When a hobbit dies, you recycle.

@ZonkeyBalls When a hobbit dies, you recycle.

Would we know if a hobbit died I thought they lived in holes under ground, so I guess the buggies and worms would recycle him eventually.

Agreed, whether your talking about nations, cultures, trees, or actual giants. That's what keeps this whole comedy perpetuating itself (apologies to the Coen brothers).

Not too far from the house, there is a twelve foot tall maple stump. It died and broke off long before i came here. It was a giant.

It had obvious woodpecker holes.
I have let it stand. The piliated convinced me that first fall.

Now.....the tree has been carved by years of searching

Anyway, several days ago, i noticed a large northern flicker at my mishapen giant.
Then there were two.

Tennis ball sized hole appeared. The female digging deeper, cleaning the shavings and watching.
She now can go in and disappear.

This giant has no underpants, but keeps giving

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Not sure it matters, see Philboyd's comment below.

Yup! I'm counting on this very process for California!

I thought I was on Zonkey's post for a second.

How long has that dude been dead?...If his essence isn't too offensive, I want his Converse sneakers.