Anime obsessed males buy body pillows of their cartoon crushes and do god knows what with them.....

This is the weirdest trend I've ever seen, It's absurdly pathetic. In a world of Mgtow and men failing at dating so bad they place value and status on sex doll ownership, we've created a world where people think it's actually cool to show off the fact that they hug fake depictions of unrealistically hot big headed girls and talk to them as real people

Room Tour 2 - Anime Body PillowsA quick look at all of my anime body pillows.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MAsVwS-jY4
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SMH. People are strange.

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When you spend your life obsessed watching cartoons, it might be as close as you'll ever get to a "partner".

Hey, well, good on them, it is their lives after all. I think that the net damage to society because of the actions is very little, so more power to them. Idol worship goes back quite some time, so this may be an instinctual behaviour that has come about because of the fractured sense of self that the society at large has been steadily advocating for quite some time.

No, actually, I am full of shit, Ignore that totally.

There are some very weird people in this world.

Whatever gets you through the night. Kinda cute.

@TomboyJanet I find it really sad and lonely

I'm not really taking it seriously. For a while you could get this carboard sit-up depictation of "Mr Right" for women who had a difficult time finding him...we were passing him around in the office....hehe smilie....same thing...just for fun.

Disgusting and troubling. Snuggles up to my Janet pillow for added security

The guy in that video clip must be the laughing stock of his school or neighborhood. I had a body pillow got it for xmas but it was an obstacle to me so I gave it to puppy who loves it alot.

Of course there is a fine line between admiring anime and being a full blown weeaboo. The casual anime lover like me just watches anime, it's no part of my life and I do not talk to people about it unless you know that the other person likes them. The full on weeaboos are indeed a nuisance, anime posters on the walls, action figures and let's not forget the waifuu pillows, also they delude themselves they can speak Japanese and that Japan is just one big anime paradise theme park.

@ChokeMeDaddy Says the weeb with an anime profile picture.

Your grandma is a weeb, Im a casual admirer of anime, I'm not obsessed with it, I don't have anime decorations in my home, I don't use japanese words, nor do I pretend that I know it, nor am I obsessed with Japan and the Japanese. I dont even talk about anime unless it's was the topic to begin with.

We know what they are doing with them
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