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Kim kardashian. Although that's just my opinion, but the fact she's making millions from people taking notice of her for doing nothing at all suggests that she's not mediocre to them.

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You've lost me on the politics but I agree it makes no sense worshiping celebrities, they're just people doing a job like anyone.

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Yes, but how many of those millions of "likes" were from people who actually took the time to go and vote for Hillary? The MSM assumed that they did, but we in the silent majority knew better than to vote for an unindicted criminal who made plea deals with the FBI and the DOJ.


I know right? Good points. However, I think the whole Democrat, Republican thing is played out. The majority of politicians vote for what the Lobbyists with the most money tell them to vote for. Thats why we need to do away with the career politician who is lining their pockets with our money to do a job that betters their own interests and put regular people in office who work a limited term. They might not be experienced politically, but for that they would listen to what the people want, which is what they were intended to do in the first place.

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That is true. And what a hell of a private citizen he is! I voted for Trump, and I back him 100%. Hilary should be in prison. There. I said it, and dont care what anyone says. Shes a criminal, and has been for awhile.

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They got away with more than that. Hell the way I see it, every member of Congress should have been put on trial from 2001-2016. Why you ask? For Passing the Patriot Act without reading it( even though it was written a year BEFORE 9/11) and for robbing us blind to build their underground metropolis which is only for them. I would love to just ask them "where is our money? Where is the gold?" Let's get audit of Fort Knox please. Oh and Bernanke, your a little late on that Federal Reserve Audit, jackass...


Hi Gronk! You know how I feel about those damn Kardasians. Madonna is busy reinventing herself again. Old hag!!!

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LMAO! You got that right. I "shop" in my daughters closet. My husband will say, " that looks nice, however, it's not really age appropriate".😊

Who is the hater? Me? What has Trump done so wrong?

Donald Trump, the Republican Apprentice. I wonder why the biggest hater on this post is trouncing liberal celebrities, when the President of the United States (A Republican) is the biggest celebrity of all, and the worst of the bunch.

The Kardashians

Steve Martin, the king of the unjoke. I have no clue why he is famous.

I was going to say Adam Sandler, simple because I've seen numerous articles in many different years that said Adam Sandler was CLEARLY the most over paid actor based on the movies profit.

But after further thought, that's only for actors... not all celebrities.

Of ALL the celebrities, I have to agree with others... Kim Kardashian and family... because honestly what have they done other self promotion, chase famous/rich men and a couple of porn movies (which many claim was just extension of self promotion). And before that was Paris Hilton...

But they're famous simply because the paparazzi business got bigger than the celebrity business and they need more (false) celebrities... who have money (or can fake it) are willing and able to show some T&A .

ALL of 'em.