Who is the best sounding LIVE band or singer you have ever seen?

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Richard Thompson. I wanted to throw my guitars away afterwords.

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Neil Peart is a god.

Moody Blues, back in 74.

B.B. King! Tool was outstanding, amazing stage show as well. Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie were rather impressive, especially given Ozzy's age.

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I was pleasantly surprised. It didn't actually go for him, but he put on a helluva show.

It's a 3 way tie. ZZ Top, Dio, and Iron Maiden all had amazing night when I went to see them.

Trombone Shorty, David Bryne sounds just like his cds, Keb Mo is also great live.

Josh Groban, Celine

Hanson or Panic at the Disco.

That would be a tossup between Three Dog Night and Electric Light Orchestra. The obvious superior singing talent of Chuck Negron should outweigh the outstanding leading edge sounds of the ELO band, but the light show they displayed made their concert a visual delight as well as an audio one.