Have you ever had a dream that conflicts with your attraction to whatever sex you are attracted to?

I am trying to be politically correct! Have you ever had a gay dream when youre straight, or a straight dream when you are gay? Was it disturbing, weird, unpleasurable, or did you enjoy it? This isnt a question for Bisexuals, because well, obviously....

40% Yes, its normal. 9% Yes, and it was terrible and disturbing 41% No, I never have 3% I plead the fifth 4% Can you repeat the question? 3% Other
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Why does it block out the work s. E. X. but let me write bisexual? The censoring is stupid...

Sure, only a couple of times. I'm straight so I don't have an attraction to guys but you know with dreams they are often just a conglomeration of random images tied to emotions you are feeling, so for me it was interacting with some guy in a minor sexual way but it felt strange in the dream like, well.. why am I doing this? So no it wasn't pleasurable, yet it didn't make me react like I would have in a conscious state. But then I woke up then I had a major WTF was that moment hehe smilie. I'm comfortable with my sexuality so it didn't bother me in the least.

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Thats hilarious! Your honesty is refreshing...I had a similar experience. Im straight as well, and was bewildered like you were in the dream, in fact I woke up pissed off that my head was messing with me like that! I am secure in my sexuality as well, and am so attracted to masculinity . A chick would have to be pretty much a guy with a penis for me to find an attaction...LOL

Never had sexual dreams about the wrong sex - but I did once have a dream about a man I really didn't like, he was mean and smelled very nasty. So I would never go near him in real life.

I'm not straight or bi but I have had one dream and it was with a gender I was not attracted to and I woke up with a small scream,crying and shivering because I didn't want to go back to sleep EVER after that