If we put a bunch of Amiriters in the same room, do you think we could recognize each other?

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Blindfolded and talking, maybe

@VicZinc Blindfolded and talking, maybe

This reminds me of when Fuz made us send voice recordings to her, and how nobody's matched the voice I had in my head for them

Maybe some that have their real photos here, otherwise...NO!

I'm about to shave... So... Nope. I will be the smallest guy in the room, no matter how tall I might seem at the first glance.

Depends on the topic of conversation. Some are easily identifiable on that alone.

I'd recognize a few. There are sime who have very distinctive physical characteristics.

I'm easy to find.

I have done that. I might get three or four sentences and people start saying "You know, you sure sound like SmartAZ!"

Hardly, most of us dont use photos

Only if we knew we might see each other, might be in the same general area or something or they use their pictures and probably not even then.

Do you think you'd recognize me if I was sitting right next to ya?