Communication or lack of it...is the cause of our problems. Since Eve ate the apple and Adam said: have you googled that?...communication is the crux of every problem.

Communication, but also LISTENING...since listening is part of Communication...it goes hand in hand. There are bullies on this site...and I wish they would realize who they are and do something about it. Now if you think...that's not me - then please think again. "Harassment" makes this site difficult to be on...once you are a victim of it on here the best thing is to block someone....but why is that someone still on here to begin with?

Image for post **Communication or //lack of it//...is the cause of our problems.** //Since Eve ate the apple and Adam said: have you googled that?...communication is the crux of every problem.//
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Sounds like my boss...his answer for everything is "Did ya Google it?"

Communication and listening would solve a lot of problems but it seems like people are afraid to use.

Sadly some people only choose to listen partly only the parts the wish to hear and communicate without giving the other party a chance to communicate their side of the story.

Respect is a two way street. If you want people to communicate and listen then you have to give the others opportunity.


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It's not you. You couldn't get away with it. You're the wrong gender hehe smilie

Exactly. You block someone when they break the rules, and if someone breaks the rules, they should be reprimanded with at least a temporary suspension.

lol, awesome, hope they run into me one day :)

Communication isn't the problem, inequality is. Global Capitalism is destroying the fabric of society. Not just in the US, although it's worst here, but everywhere. 68 people now own more than half the population.
That's 3.5 BILLION. Here's another interesting point. If you cut their wealth in half they'd still be the 68 richest people on the planet.
Bill gates has about $80 billion. At a measly 5% after taxes that's $82 million A WEEK. For doing absolutely nothing.
This is obscene. Especially when there are hard working families who can't afford to send their kids to college
How can anyone say this system is working?