Is intelligence sexy?

Sometimes we just need some intellectual intercourse, no? Is it just me?

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Yes, unless the person is a grammar genius.

Both yes and not really. Well, it depends on the definition of intelligence. I mean, I find intelligent women extremely sexy, but then again, the problem is... I was a part of the local intelligence community, which - let me remind you all - is not a compartmentalized subdivision as such... And that's not sexy at all.

Absolutely.....I require a routine brain fu%k.

it depends...

Too often, people judge another persons intelligence based on how much they agree with them.

Definitely provided it's not accompanied by arrogance.

Yup. But if it's used in a condescending way, then nope.

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For me it is what is in a person's heart. I know pretty intelligent people that have ugly hearts


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If you went to a private school like I went to, that makes sense lol because they were also so arrogant.

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