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Most people in jail will tell you...they didn't do anything..

You could be a political prisoner.

True. My brother isn't a bad person he is just a complete dumbass.


Everyone in jail are good people, just ask them.

Correct, it just means that you probably broke a law.

bundy ranch for example, they went to jail/killed by cops for exercising their rights as americans, sad. look at the guy who is in russia now because he would be in jail in the USA otherwise, he did nothing wrong except expose government corruption to the people, so yes, in today's society you can go to jail or even killed for doing what is right

@Sukiesnow Yeah...I know the guy you mean...he's still in Russia...

snowden, haha finally remembered, and yeah he is unfortunately, USA should let him bag and give him a medal not jail

After looking inside jails and prisons, you understand just how necessary they are.