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I always wanted to fly a plane.

@JanHaskell I always wanted to fly a plane.

A worthy dream Jan.

I hope you get the chance someday.

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I know it's not the same as an actual date, but her husband says that she's pretty busy taking care of the two kids right now.

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You guys took this in a whole different direction than I anticipated. You know, like,

'Grandfather told me he would get me a pony when I was six, but he died by my birthday and ....'

But NNOoo, you and Prod head straight back to your teenage bedrooms and your naughty thoughts!

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Yeah, I know you wanted to 'post her'!Image in content

Yes...to solve the Rubik Cube without removing the stickers. hehe smilie

That answer was much funnier than what I have wanted since I was little girl, I am giving up on that. I am learning sometimes it is better to be realistic on some things rather than having my head always in the clouds.


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Wow, you would need a pretty big plane to get the horse on with you!
wink smiliehehe smiliemaniac smilie

No, not really. Not something tangible, anyway. I did want to have a horse for many of my "childhood" years. I was told that I might be able to have one when I was a teenager, but the closest I came to that was my first car, a 1966 Mustang.

Always wanted to be older. But I seems every time I check I am just as old as I happen to be, but I keep trying.

To own my own house. My parents never had the chance and I'd always wanted to own mine and buy them one too. I got close but a marriage breakup ended that dream.

Yeah. Music lessons.

I've always wanted a pet... mainly a dog, but the right attitude cat might be even better for me.

Also sky diving in a wing suit...

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