When did you find God ? Have you ever lost your Faith ? Does your Faith comfort you ?

I do and have since I was 4 years old.(though everyone is welcome on my posts , Faith or no Faith it makes no difference to me) My Neighbour (God Bless her Soul) in her 80's couldn't protect me but She knew God could or Prayed he would. So She got me down on my Knees in the middle of her front room (surrounded by symbols of God) and showed me how to Pray. There has been moments in my Life when I lost my Faith in some way because I was so Angry but thankfully Life , Love and the kind of Beauty that I see when I walk alone on a Dark night and gaze up at Silhouettes of Winter Tree's against a dark Sky with the Moon shining down on me so brightly Breathless my Faith always returns.

I feel Blessed and without my Faith I personally would be Lost for an Eternity.