If you were part of a career which gave you concussions...how long would you stay? Is anything worth that?

So...my original question..and also, which career could it be...and also...why do people keep doing it...and would you encourage your kids to pursue this career? Or if your kids WERE involved...what would you do?

Image for post **If you were part of a career which gave you concussions...how long would you stay?** //Is anything worth that?//
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I would not stay in that environment, but some people think that's the only way to make a living, so they take the chance that it won't happen to them again.

I enjoyed football, I would still be playing it if I could

@Sukiesnow What happened...

Injuries took a toll, and I they look for certain sizes for certain positions, etc.

Life is pointless and so careers are pointless so why hurt yourself doing something pointless?

Regarding concussions and professional sports, I would hope to have the sense to not stay in that field of work for long.

Less extreme cases abound. Office workers who sit at desks all day are at risk for all sorts of problems: repetitive motion injuries (e.g. carpal tunnel), obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, cancer... My point is that many of us are willing to do this. If we were hungry, we'd be even more willing to do dangerous work.

If i had worried about the smacks on the head i have taken, i would have lived much less of the life i have enjoyed.
Have/do i suffer now? Yes
Do i regret it? No

It's not worth it at all... if you wind up with the mentality of a jellyfish.

Honestly no career is worth it. I would love to take a spin around the track but one to many concussions now keeps me off of it. My life is to important to take those risk anymore.


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