Cats are amazing. We should all be cats. Then we'd all be amazing. Lol

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Cats are pretty rad, but I don't think the cat life is for me.

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Gotta love a cool cat....

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Yup, I like my cat :)

They say that cats age similarly to dogs.
That makes my moses 152 years old.
I dont think i would have minded living his life at all....

I agree that cats are pretty cool, but not so much that we should all be like them.

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Cats are wonderful!

I concur.

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Or at the very least I would think ur all amazing, but people don't care about my opinions so....

I'm not a cat person....and sure wouldn't want to be one.

I love cats, but I wouldn't want to be one, for that would mean being at the mercy of human beings. And we can be pretty terrible.

Cats are good for nothing. Very good.

@SmartAZ Cats are good for nothing. Very good.

My cat loves me and I love him. He makes me happy. Even just looking at him will bring a smile to my face and he does funny things and makes me laugh. He also gets rid of the mice in my hous AND my barn.

@SmartAZ I have Siamese cats. They don't even like each other.

They aren't cats. They are humans trapped in a cat suit. :)

@dru18 They aren't cats. They are humans trapped in a cat suit. :)

When Pat was walking Rodger on Halloween a neighbor asked him where his costume was. Pat told her he is dressed, he's really a cat, dressed like a dog😊

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