So now that Trump has signed this executive order promoting religious liberty, does that mean that he will stop trying to prevent people from entering the country because of their religion?

Or is this just an excuse to promote Christianities own brand of "Sharia law" and divide the country even more?

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"People who want to come here and become citizens should not have to give up their religion to do it."

Where is the "hate driven drivel" there?

Nice work, CensoredBrit. You post a poll to get us Americans riled up, and you're not an American! How we vet our immigrants is none of your business! So, sod off!

No, he only stops them from entering the country because its ILLEGAL FOR THEM TO ENTER. If they have the right to be here you can pray to an ass showing babboon for all he cares. Why dont people get it? They are like, "what about the freedoms for illegals?" Illegals have humanitarian rights but no civil liberties. You have to be AMERICAN, OR HAVE A VISA, OR GREEN CARD.

Of course you are wrong Censored. It has nothing at all to do with religion. Even Presbyterians from Iran are kept from entering the USA. And, that's because Iran had already been identified as presenting heightened concerns about terrorism.

Probably not. Trump has stated that "Christian" refugees will be given priority, and the travel restrictions have obviously targeted predominately "Muslim" countries.

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You ARE right. I can't help but wonder why, though, that you've called out THIS post as being baiting, trolling and instigating twice...but loved another one that was surely equally "instigating".
Could it be that they are only "instigating" to you, when you don't like the poster or post?

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Oh, okay. So when you dislike something that is going on, acting in a way that you dislike is your response to it. Is that what you're saying?

I have also seen many people get suspended or deactivated, or their content deleted, when they or it were no more "offensive" than many others that remain. It bugs me, although most of them have not been particular friends of mine. Sometimes their content I've even found "offensive", but no more than others who remain...

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Okay then, thanks for confirming that.

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I don't see where I "assumed" there, I just asked a question.
I do not flag people, ever, unless they've really obnoxiously and personally insulted another individual who is a past or present member of the site. It doesn't matter whether I like them or not.

you mean because of their radical want to destroy USA beliefs