There is a difference between telling the truth and being brutally honest. Amirite?

Someone can tell you: I think they're towing your car away, hon...or...they can tell you: ha ha ha...guess what...guess...no really...guess...okay...ha ha ha...your car is being towed...even as we speak! Ha ha... All I'm saying is that there is a difference between types of honesty....Amirite? And also...while we're there...let's talk about honesty...white lies...etc. There are different types of honesty....this is not a subject ANYONE can be b/w about....maybe SOME on here...ha.

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Some not all people use being "brutally honesty" as a means of being a total hurtful asshole.

One can tell the truth without being mean about a situation.

While I don't always sprinkle a little sugar on situations I don't be an ass about it either.


Yes. There is a person who will enjoy telling you that your husband is cheating on you...

And then there is a person who is torn at the very thought of telling YOU...but tell you they must...after days of careful consideration...

People who enjoy hurting others will do so with truth or lies.

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While I agree with the sentence, I don't agree with the explanation.

I can be brutally honest with my best friend - saying something she doesn't want to hear, but it happens to be the truth, for example, she's mad with someone, but she's the one in the wrong and I call her out on it. Being brutally honest doesn't automatically makes you a cruel person that doesn't care about the other person's feelings or well being. Actually the few people I know who I would say tend to be brutally honest, care a lot, and that's why they don't sugar coat their words when certain things need to be said.

Yes. It is called PC, and it is good.

I think so, yes. Lil_Princess has already expressed how I feel about it, and very well too. There is no conflict between being honest, and not being unnecessarily cruel and intentionally hurtful about it. Not for me, anyway.

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I like it... But it's honest...and not mocking...

I sugar coat, too.

Not really.

You can tell the truth with tact and respect.

Not really. Brutal honesty is still honesty. I'm only blunt because I care. I see bluntness as assertion and brutal honesty as aggression.

Some people think both expressions mean to say what they think without thinking.

Yes, one speaks the truth with tact not meaning offend and the other is no holds barred.

Yes, of course there is. You can be honest without resorting to meanness.