Room Neighbours * Donald McDonald, a young student of pure Scottish stock, had to leave his home town, so as to continue his further education in a renown London university. After his first month at the university, his worrying mother made the trip to London and came to see him in his small on-campus room. - Mother: "Donald, dear, how are you getting along with your English fellow students? - "Oh Mum, they are absolutely rude, overly noisy and tactless. Every evening, my neighbour in the room on the right is banging his head "like crazy" against the wall. And my neighbour in the room on the left doesn't stop yelling and howling all the time!" - "My poor, poor darling Donald! How can you support these ill-mannered English neighbours? You didn't do anything wrong, didn't you?" - "But Mum, I didn't do anything; all I could do is to ignore them and just sit calmly on my bed, playing my bagpipe." (click on source)