Last week it was Love; today it is Hate. So, is Hate more than just a word to you?

You try not to mind; but still in some way it does matter. And you can say "Whatever" as much as you like.... And remember Love and Hate...it is part of the same coin; just different sides.

Image for post **Last week it was Love; today it is Hate.** So, is **Hate** more than just a word to you?
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The real question? Which word do we learn more from: Love or Hate.

@Thinkerbell Love, of course.

I don't know about that. Of course: if you learn about one; you learn about the other.

I try really hard not to just throw out the word hate. I reserve it for the real deal.

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I understand. But it is the opposite of LOVE. The opposite of dislike is LIKE and like seems wimpy. So...is it okay to love someone but why not hate them? We've ALL Loved someone who we hated for a brief period of time.

It seems to me that we don't own up to HATE...that it's evil or something... If HATE is too strong a word than so is LOVE.

Am I making any sense?

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I agree. People love LOVE...and the word LIKE is okay for your mailperson...but when it comes to HATE...or even dislike...people shun these words...trying to invisibly cleaning yourself...so it doesn't stick...

There are somethings a person just naturally has to HATE...the rule of Muslims that their wife can be BEHEADed if they cheat on their husband...going from there...isn't it almost natural to hate that type of culture? And it's stronger than "dislike"...

I think people "HATE" more than they realize...it makes them look...I don't know...it makes them feel bad...? Is that it? Maybe that's why people don't want to acknowledge the word HATE more....

Maybe people "dislike" the word HATE since it might "stick" to them...I dunno... You tell me...MarkyMark...

Being honest with your feelings...even if bad...is the first step in changing them. The First Step!

It is, it is a real feeling.

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It was supposed to. biggrin smilie

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Who, us...? We never growl or spit like that certain cat. biggrin smilie

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I have heard people say Hate is not the opposite of Love, Indifference is. The idea is that love and hate are both strong emotions while indifference is the complete lack of emotion. Two sides of the same coin.

I don't agree.

I think hate is the opposite of love and indifference is the opposite of both love and hate.

While it may be possible to both love and hate someone at the same time, the actions one would take based on one feeling is the opposite of the actions one would take based on the other. However if one were indifferent the actions would be the same for both feelings. Nothing.

Yes, hate is more than just a word to me. I use hate to describe that which I find utterly abhorant. Loathsome. Disgusting. Detestable. Evil. Immoral. It is caused by anger, feelings of hostility, a sense of injustice and sometimes fear.

For me an example would be racism. I believe it is evil, immoral, and therefore dangerous. I have feelings of hostility toward those who use racism to hurt others.

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