What do you wear to bed? Or, before and after....

Image for post **What do you wear to bed?**  //Or, before and after....//
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Soft, comfy knee-length nightie.

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Very classy! biggrin smilie


Nice, 007!

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I can see you in a Calvin robe.

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Nice. Easy to get off.

Just good sheets, comfortable pillows, and a really fluffy comforter. I don't like to feel constricted. hello smilie

A couple of these

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@PhilboydStudge A couple of...

Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome?

@JanHaskell Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome?

Yes. I've been a software developer for 30+ years but it only started a couple years ago. I suspect it's because I started using a laptop more and I don't think enough about good ergonomics.

@JanHaskell I hope you get some relief!

That's very kind of you. I didn't think those little wristbands would help, but so far so good. I'd rather avoid the surgery if possible.

Before, daily wear.
During, nada
After, depends on the time of year.....

Short silk night gown!

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If I wear anything to bed, even briefs or boxers, I fell all tangled up. Sooooo...nothing.

Nothing at all.

Before my yoga pants, after my work clothes...unless I over sleep then I throw something on and change at work...when going to bed a nightgown like the one in you photo only it is black.



A regular snuggle bunny! hehe smilie

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That model does, the cheaper model you have to put your foot over a bedpan..

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