Now that the tourist season has started; it's time to take out my gun.

Where'd I put it...

Image for post **Now that the tourist season has started; it's time to take out my gun.**
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Mine is out.....always.
Now the flatlanders are coming in droves......hunting morels and generally clogging up the roads and tramping through the woods.
My favorite time of year......if i stay home...:]

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hehe smilie It's all about points you know...hehe smilie

Where exactly do you live? What is attracting the kind of people that make brandishing a firearm necessary?

No tourists where I live, so no need for a gun.

I wish I had a gun.... think smilie I'd probably use it to become the most powerful vigilante freedom fighting super power ninja assassin commando from the 23rd century in the universe. ninja smilie

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@Carla You plan on living...long time

I've got it all planned out. I'm gonna get a big shopping trolley, hire the A-Team, They'll mount a midi-gun to the shopping trolley, I'll pile it full of ammo and sit on top manning the midi-gun..... I'll just wait for some else to pop along and take them hostage. They'll be my manpower and push the trolley while the midi-gun is pointing towards their face for sure, and I'll be.....

'Ada, the most powerful Vigilante Freedom Fighting Super Mario Ninja Assassin Commando from the 23rd Century in the universe....'

I HAVE THE POWWERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tourists drive me crazy where I live. I usually go away during the tourist season... only problem is, then I've become a tourist redface smilie

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Poor boy.....

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If things go right I will be out in the woods shooting this weekend. At break yesterday, I was sitting with the guys who were discussing guns. I said one day, I wanna learn so two of them offered to teach me this weekend.

These boys are brave because the both know I am dangerous just walking think smilie


tourist season has begone, pull out the riffles.

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