Something bad being done to someone doesn't justify those people doing the same to others.

I've had a conversation with a family member that was justifying a specific abuse by saying those people were abused first - as if that makes it okay. For example, let's say the people A, decades ago, mistreated the people B, and years later the descendants of B mistreated the descendants of A. And this person was saying that that was okay, that A should all be killed, that they deserved it.... I actually felt sick listening to what was being said. I mean, forget about doing the right thing, how about just having a little bit of humanity?! Me being abused does not make it okay for me to abuse others in the same way or worse. How does that even makes sense?! smh

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@Sofia Yes

The thing that I find curious, is how everyone thus far has been projecting this on to others, no one as yet has claimed the idea and talked about it in their own terms.

Although, that statement is open to interpretation.


Very poignant.

Sometimes I think everything comes back to the same basic failing, perhaps this is where the idea of the apple came from originally?

Maybe someone had this thought and wrote it down countless years ago and I have only just made the connection.

Never the less, as you were gentlemen.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

@StarzAbove Two wrongs don't make a right.

Yeah. Eye for an eye and the world goes blind.

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@StarzAbove Two wrongs don't make a right.

I would imagine that depends on your math, and your perception.

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You would, wouldn't you.

Now that is a sentence you could take out of context.



The person in question thinks the opposite.

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I agree with this in the context you are talking of it. I also agree with your sentiments.

You know, most people I meet or interact with think the same as us. I find this in itself interesting because that would mean that for me, in the world I am in that everything is fine, right. So, there is an external conditioning at work that is leading me to believe something else.

I had considered it was because the main source of this information that I can garnish is coming from random strangers I ether brush past or see on the internet.

This gives me pause for thought, there seems to be something powerful there that I have either missed or I am not willing to share at this point.

@AliceD I agree with this in the context you are talking of it. I also agree with your sentiments. You know, most people...

I never thought the world I am in is fine (unless when I was a toddler counts).

We can all learn from each other's experiences. It's bound to have many differences.

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Yes, I agree.
If people B were abused, one could expect that they wouldn't want the same horror to happen to others... That seems both reasonable and humane, right?
But, unfortunately, what ends up happening in this humanity is that at least some of people B wants violent revenge, and they feel that it's totally justified, even if the current generation of people A had absolutely no part in the actions of their ancestors.

@primeiro Yes, I agree. If people B were abused, one could expect that they wouldn't want the same horror to happen to...

Violence has always held such power in our humanity. Much like fear. I can not honestly say these things are wrong, but, I can honestly say that it is not for me. In this particular context.

@AliceD Violence has always held such power in our humanity. Much like fear. I can not honestly say these things are wrong...

That's true, violence can really have a lot of power.
There is at least one case in which it can be justifiable (self-defense against a violent criminal that means to kill you), but, in general, I think we should always strive to solve problems without violence. In this particular context, it's certainly not for me either. It will not solve anything; it will just create more problems.

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Who decides what the wrong is, and, what the right of it may be. I mean to say it is all good and well to talk about right and wrong, who is right? Who is wrong? Who chooses that?

I had to read the "explanation" to see where you were going. I 100% agree with you. Instead of "fixing" the problem, too many people try to justify their actions because it happened to them. At some point, people have to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions and quit blaming others. Most of the people I've known who grew up in abusive situations are 180 degrees in their adult life. They understood what they went through, be it abuse or neglect and vowed that they would never treat their children that way, or treat their spouse that way. It's all about personal accountability.

I absolutely agree, in most all cases. Your explained by part, brought the Hatfield and McCoy feud to mind. :)

I understand the urge to want to hurt an individual back, sometimes, when they've done something really "bad" to me or those I love. I'm sure I've even done it a few times, with words. I've often regretted it too, because the last thing I want to be, is anything like those I've had a grievance against.

People have brought up particular instances when they'd feel justified in responding in kind, and I can sort of understand that, in particular instances.

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Okay, I'm confused - you appear to be disagreeing with what I said, so I'm going to ask, did you read the explanation?

Wrong is wrong no matter who does it.

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Everyone blowing horns in trafic has made me stop and think twice. Horns are for emergencies not to allow a testy driver feel better.

Yes. Someone throwing trash on the ground...doesn't mean it's okay for you to do the same either.

And: Spitting out the car window doesn't mean you should do it also.

Abuse in any way shape or form stops here and it stops now.

It depends. I would agree with you in this context. For example, we shouldn't blame slavery in the 19th century on anyone today and say they should be slaves too. However, if the individual person does something bad to me, I can justify doing the same to them. It isn't black and white. Usually, I won't worry. That hasn't always been the case. Sometimes, they will just continue doing it until you do something about it. Right and wrong can be grey areas at times.

I agree, especially in the context of your explanation. Why should anyone be punished for the sins of their forefathers?

Having said that, I was never on the wrong end of this stick. If I happen to live in the Balkans I might not agree.

Yeh see yah'll preach that shit, sometimes, when it comes down to it you may find yourself a part of that problem.