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There is probably intelligent life out there even if the universe is not infinite.

Scientists have been able to measure the size of the visible universe; 93 billion light years across. The Hubble telescope has allowed us to see roughly 100 billion galaxies spread throughout the universe. That's an unimaginable amount of space filled with an unimaginable amount of planets.

How likely is it that our's is the only place where life exists?

@Clinton Do you believe that someday contact will be made with an alien? By humanity?

Well, I'm not a scientist but I see two major problems for us humans. The sheer size of the universe and our technology.

Think about it.

The closet star to our sun is about four light years away. To find a solar system with planets you'd have to travel about 10 more light years. To reach the other side of the Milky Way you'd have to travel about 150 thousand more light years. The nearest galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy, is about 2.5 million light years away.

Light travels at roughly 187,000 miles per second, so if you do the math you see the issue. (This why Gene Roddenberry invented "warp drive" when he was writing "Star Trek". lol...)

So I suppose my answer is I hope someday there will be contact, but I doubt it will be in my lifetime and I doubt it will look anything like "ET" or "Independence Day" or "Close Encounters". (That also means there are no UFOs, no crop circles, no "Area 51" and no anal probes. Sorry folks.)

However, I think contact with an alien species (no matter who and how) would have huge and profound effects on the human race. It would fundamentally change the way we see the universe and our place in it.

I would like to be around for that. wink smilie

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Are you trying to be Philosophical?

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Oh. Don't know anything about that really guess personality.

It would be exciting to know for sure.

The Scientific Method:
1. Observe something.

Talk of alien life is fiction. Of course, lots of people think they can get around that problem if they are clever enough.

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First, "infinite" has two definitions, and very few people bother to distinguish between them. Mathematicians define infinity to be A NUMBER too big to measure. So if you only have a 12 inch ruler then 13 inches is infinity.

The longest ruler we have is the radius of Earth's orbit, and by triangulation we can reliably measure things up to about 3200 light-years away. Beyond that, all is infinity. That is why the sizes of stars are so uncertain beyond 3200 light-years.

Most people casually assume that infinity means "without limit", but in real life that is an imaginary situation. You apparently are using that definition, so your thesis is wonky from the start.

Your second mistake is assuming that life is a chance event. It is not. It is a black swan event: if you see one example you know there is at least one example, but if you don't see an example you don't know anything.

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We do not know the borders of the universe, there are many galaxies and a lot of those which have planets suitable for life. I'm 100% sure there is life on many places of the universe, some of it sentient some of it not. It's egoistic to think that we as humans are so special and there are no others like us.

@Sunny_the_skeptic We can only imagine

Tell me what you imagine it would look like?

@Clinton Tell me what you imagine it would look like?

I can't, it could be anything, just look at the variety here on Earth, the possibilities are limitless