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Let's not forget about Hillary announcing secrets during debates like how long it takes to launch a nuclear missile.

The President has "Classification Authority". That means he can classify, declassify or change the classification of something. It's always been this way. It has been done a number of times by various Presidents. Usually, it just doesn't get that much attention and isn't "leaked to the media". One of the more famous cases was when Kennedy provided Top Secret information to the public, (and world) on intelligence information, and our intelligence gathering capabilities (including photographs) of the Soviet Union Missile silos in Cuba.

Sharing classified information with other Countries happens all the times and generally, it's a good thing when done for the right reasons. If we have classified information about terrorist activities, it is beneficial to selectively share that information, just as they share it with us. It is up to the President to decide when this is needed and that is why he has this authority.

Others, who have divulged classified information without that authority, have committed a crime.

again with your idiotic, non proven BS.

"The unproven claim that the Trump Administration is somehow in cahoots with Russia's Putin is the story that won't go away. Every day the mainstream media churns out a new "gotcha" story said to prove this evil conspiracy. All sources, of course, are "unnamed." What's behind this collective hysteria? Policy differences? Or just politics? Tune in to today's Liberty Report 'Russiagate' -- National Security Threat...Or Just Politics?"(Ron Paul)

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