Are you alive?

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Some days more than others.

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I think so....wait, I'll check. Yep, I'm still breathing. lol

Nope.... apparition of a dead person here.

I seem to be. Not quite as "alive" as I'd wish, though.

Yes...the question is: are you alive.

I think, therefore, i am

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Last time I checked - yes.

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I beat you only by seconds!
Glad to share the spot with the likes of you!

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Don't worry - nobody reads my stuff anyway.
Your secret is safe with me!
I won't tell a soul.
Mum's the word!...

Silence is golden.

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Physically at least, emotionally is another story.

Still getting bills..

If you can't tell, I might be in trouble. hehe smilie

No,I have been dead for years.

Nope im tyiping this cuse im bored in the afterlife lol jk

I'm still just a hallucinogenic experience caused by your, slightly unexpected, Ergot poisoning. Please, seek medical attention, as soon as you've dealt with the feathered mammoths. Look, there's a three-headed one behind you!

the last time i checked i was dying a little more every day

Yes I suppose I am

Yes indeedy.

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No, I only act alive.

Alive and existing in a mostly reactive, passive state. Am I really living to my fullest capacity and being proactive and making the most out of life each day? No. I have made many excuses for this over the years. But I will try to improve this.

Think I aint?

No, I've also died a few times.

let me see if my pals is beating or not...

Talk about pushing the envelope and sucking up. :)

Yes, literally, but in a deeper sense no.