With all his whining about media that doesn't portray him as a perfect God, Trump should probably exile himself to his special-snowflake safe space. And stay there. Amirite?

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I don't think Trump would ever go to a snowflake safe place. Those spaces are reserved by liberals.

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Sounds more like Obama blaming everything on Bush Linn. Remember those days? Those who hate Trump, have hated him long before he even took office. Can you name ANY other president who has faced the hatred and attacks by the media and the left that Trump has? (Even before he took office)

The mainstream media is a joke. I don't think they realize how crazy they look.

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Can't blame him --- just look at the Harvard Media Study that showed 90+% NEGATIVE coverage by CNN, NBC, & CBS, 83+% NEGATIVE coverage by the NYT & WP. And foreign markets aren't any better! Trump is against the 'one world order' that the liberal/progessives are pushing and they must bring him down. http://www.americanthinker.com/...nst_trump.html

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Maybe so. But he can't actually do that now, for sure.

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