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It appears to me that the only 'blabbing' being done is by those who don't have the guts to come forward and stand behind their alleged leaks. That means they and those reporting these illegal leaks, don't give a darn about our country, but would rather bring down this administration.

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@Carla That is such backward thinking. What do you think about nixon and watergate??

Carla, What was really Nixon's crime? Nixon was responsible for a break in at the DNC and tried to cover it up. That's it. It happens all the time today, even within the Democrat Party between rival candidates. The only difference today is, that they use technology to "hack" instead of physically going in and stealing documents.
Obama used the NSA and other agencies to spy on the entire Country. Hillary spied on Bernie Obama spied on Trump, and it goes on and on. It's all corrupt.
By today's standards, Nixon was nothing more than a rank amateur when it comes to corruption.

@Carla It wasnt the crime, jim. It was the cover-up.

We have so many cover-ups today Carla that they aren't even cover-ups. They are cover-ups upon cover-ups, upon cover-ups. In the end, they just say, "So what?" and depending on who it is/was (From either party) they either ignore it or go after it like white on rice. <s> Nobody is ever held accountable.

@Carla That is such backward thinking. What do you think about nixon and watergate??

What is 'backward thinking?' As for Nixon and Watergate, there was an actual crime (breaking into the DNC offices) committed. Then there was the 'cover-up' of what Nixon knew that brought him down. Burnstein and Woodward actually did research, followed leads and double-checked everything before reporting. That is not happening today at all with the press/media. They run with a story (such as Deputy AG Rosenstein threated to quit without even verifying the info with him) only to have it shot down, but the false news is already out there and people are repeating it. Has anyone actually seen the ALLEGED 'Comey memo?' Do we know for sure that it was accurate? But now we have members of Congress as well as the media quoting it as if it was true. We have those calling for impeachment based on unproven allegations only. This behavior and extremely negative and hateful reporting by the majority of the media is going to destroy this country.

It was the media that "blabbed" it to me, I would have had no idea what was discussed between Trump and Russian officials if not for the media reporting on illegally leaked information. If the media are so worried about secrecy, why did they blab about it? Face it, they don't give one single fuck about the security of Americans or anyone else, all they care about is attacking their president. They're a disgrace.

International cooperation in the fight against terrorism involves communication, and the President has the legal right to disclose secret information when he feels it is appropriate. So there was nothing illegal or wrong about what he did, but whoever leaked it committed a serious crime.


As for Trump's tweet about Clinton, it was made on July 6, 2016 in response to an official press release from the FBI the previous day.

July 5, 2016

"Secretary Clinton [and] her colleagues ... were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information."

FBI Director James B. Comey

The historians will look upon this time and either laugh at its absurdity or cry because of what was left in its wake

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