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I left home at 15. Big deal in my world.

When I was a college kid I boosted a sheet of plywood, painted it green like a freeway sign and hung it from a bridge over the freeway. It said:

historical landmark
oldest thinking administration in the nation

Left home and joined the Army on my 17th birthday.

Went to a hot body contest,, won $200, applied for a job, and banged the manager, then went back to his office to find him gone and a fight was breaking out outside..i entered the office to see stacks of hundreds on the desk. I grabbed my app, the cash and bolted undetected! And I was all by myself! REBEL

That was over 20 years ago, and I really needed the money. It wasnt right, but DAMN it was fun! I came into my own that night

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It was amazing! One of the best nights of my life! It marked a milestone.

Nailed toads to trees

listen to heavy metal lol, but that wasn;t out of rebellion it simply was/is because I love the music