Do you think suicide is acceptable without consequence on the other side?

I don't see how someone wil be punished for hurting inside with so much pain. I should think that one would be comforted for being that broken.

47% Yes 18% No 6% Maybe 29% Other
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Only God knows what's in one's heart and the pain they are going through. Only He can make the judgment. But He is a merciful God.

Jesus died for our sins - all of 'em.

I believe that, as Christians, we should worry less about whether Christians who have killed themselves go to heaven, and worry more about how we can help people like them find hope and joy in living. Our most urgent problem is not the morality of suicide but the spiritual and mental despair that drags people down to it.

Losing loved ones that way has been heartbreaking, and I wish I could have intervened. But I'm entrusting them to God's grace and expecting to hug them again.

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You cannot show someone your happiness or feel it for them. It is not something you can show them overnight that will take their pain away and as a Christian we NEED to worry about it and understand because we are all dead a lot longer than we are alive, which in essence othat they are still alive somewhere (in spirit.


Tho other Side of life

I feel for those who chose not to suffer anymore.

it is neither acceptable or unacceptable. It is what it is... a tragedy. I know how it feels to be in that place. A lot of us do. Those who do not are blissfully ignorant, and don't have a place to judge.

Nobody is justified to judge the suicide's act because they cannot know the complete degree of despair/agony which preceded it. As for the consequence on the other side, that is a moot point because there is no such thing as god and we don't know what is actually over there.

How can you say that when God has NEVER been disproven and you're idea of what God is might be a bit off because your limited with human perception. God is the life force in each one of us, all the positive energy all the negative energy- and we know theres something. NDE research proves that.