Lets start a story. Everyone, unless someone has me blocked, can see this. Participate, please:). Add a sentence, paragraph or chapter. Let's see were it goes.

As she walked the well worn path, she wondered if it had all been real.

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But the days and weeks since the confrontation brought her back to thoughts of betrayal.

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No matter what she did...or where she went...it was always with her... That balmy evening when everything turned askew...everything was great; they'd gone out for that lovely meal at the restaurant in the sky...the one she always wanted to go to...they dined on prawns and venison...with Baked Alaska for dessert...they danced...cheek to cheek...

Then, on the ride home...why did he have to spoil it all by saying what he did? Why did he have to allude to the old family story...the one that was still under suspicion?

Why did he keep saying the whole McClane family was guilty? They weren't!! She...and the whole town knew that it was Brent...the black sheep who was the guilty one... And what he was guilty of was making Melissa...the family help...fall in love with him...

Damn that Brent...then...after Melissa's death...he, Brent disappears...not to be heard from...actually, never to be heard from...it was just Sean's utterance of his name that brought all this back to her...she momentarily froze again...remembering that night...the night that began with so much promise...and ended with her running up to the manor...crying in anguish...

It was the last time she was ever going to go out with a townie...even though he had a silver tongue and charm that could melt ice....

When he first spoke of the trust he had in her, she felt...inspired. But, when the words kept spilling from him, inspiration turned to terror. Freezing her into the seat upon which she sat.

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His lean muscular body moving like a fluid, the smile that appeared on his face when he looked up from his thoughts and saw her for the first time. And then walked straight into the bus stop sign post.

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