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The floor of one of these. Noisy, hard, cold, bumpy ride.Image in content

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That's crucial. And here I thought my last camping trip was tough when an unexpected lightning storm swept over the field we were sleeping on. You're braver than I ;)

In a sleeping bag on the ground, in a tent!

@Budwick Yup, the cold from the Earth will get you!

For sure, my fear was something crawly might crawl into that sleeping bag with me. lol

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Oh yes that is awful, I broke my ankle and had to stay in ER all night waiting for a room upstairs. My backside hurt more than my ankle after 12 hours on a stretcher , I sure hope I place my feet securely from now on that was no fun at all.

In a tree...

On the ground, in 130 degree heat, in the shade of vehicle wearing body armor.

Greyhound bus.

My office floor at my old job.


Grandparents floor of their apartment. They didn't have enough rooms, and some how their floor felt like laying on cement... with a paper thin piece of carpet. I haven't felt another home floor like that.

A laundromat. I slept there for warmth in the winter as I was homeless.

On a chair, in the airport.

My favorite spot as a child was on a rocky ledge that blocked the wind a , I would find that spot every spring, but alas the pasture was purchased and all my favorite things blown up and houses built upon them. Gosh I do hate changes and miss my little grassy area with the bright sun shining,

an armchair that stretches out into a bed, it was way too short for me, half of my legs hanging out

a vehicle, (whoops I can't sleep in a vehicle, so perhaps i can't use that lol)

in the police station victim support lounge - shoddy old sofa but safest place I've ever been