Because of clueless PETA, the "Circus will not be Coming to Town."

Folks, everyone of you know I love animals. I think I have made it abundantly clear that I not only treasure our four legged friends, but I respect them. However, PETA is one organization, I have never cared for. I find it to be grand standing, obnoxious, and usually off message. Ringling Brothers may have had it's share of bad actors in it's employment, but for the most part, it was a very responsible circus when it came to the treatment of it's animals. Compare it to the smaller circuses traveling around Europe, it shone like a ruby when it came to animal rights. This Circus for over 140 years allowed people to forget the grind of their daily lives, and allowed them to witness the beauty of exotic animals that were only seen in books. During the hard times of the Depression, the "Circus coming to Town" was a Godsend. I recall marveling at intelligence and color of Tigers deftly doing their act at Ringling Brother's Circus, when I was only twelve. The love and respect that the handler and tigers displayed towards one another left me awestruck, especially when I think of how they are treated by MAN in the wild. So, I guess what I am telling you,is that this 'animal activist' is sorry to see "The Ringling Brother's Circus" leaving town, and not coming back.