When people comment on my post, I rarely reply. Is that rude?

0% Yes. 73% No. 7% Maybe. 0% Won't comment on this one for sure. 20% Other
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Rude? No, but if you don't at least acknowledge the civil responses to your posts in some kind of way, many people will eventually be less inclined to comment.

It would be nice if you did reply. I always acknowledge people who reply to my posts. If they take the time to reply, then I take the time to respond.

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Then there are these posts where you agree/disagree or have options, where I might just want to know people's opinions and people might post comments that I feel warrant no further discussion.

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I love talking to you. Who wouldn't!

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I think there was a time when I used to get more involved, until some people had some negative comments for me. I know that not being able to take criticism is mentally unhealthy , but provided the amount of stress in my "Out of amirite" life, I'd prefer some calm and happiness online. think smilie

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Why flip smilie andu smilie them, when you can zip smilie and loser smilie them. Did I go too far,ono smilie

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It's pretty much the same, but I have evolved into a saner being, maybe.

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Right, we do. It'll take me ages to get a rhino hide. hehe smilie

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Doesn't make for a very engaging post, but to each their own.

Someone took the time out to read one of your post, and then thought out a reply, so yes, it would be nice to acknowledge that.

I suppose it depends on the purpose of the post. If it's to avoid poisoning the well, the to gather unbiased opinions then sure.

It furthers conversation to respond though.

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No, I don't think so.

If someone makes a good point it is nice to reply...maybe make a comment back...

Besides...it's also good to get to know your commenters...and like someone said...it encourages people to keep responding.


I don't see a thing wrong with it. Sometimes I get busy but I love & upvote to acknowledge that I read the comment. You just keeping on doing how ya want biggrin smilie