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I own it. I usually say excuse me.

@Zolfie Even if it's wasn't you?

Of course. I don't want someone else taking credit for an awesome whiff.

It's possible they might say "excuse me" and someone might say...that's okay. Otherwise there is no recognition of it happening.

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Proof cats drool ;)

Act as if they were the only one who heard.

I call them a "Grimey Sumbitch".

Not everyone can fart roses and i can't take it..

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It varies. Last instance was when my friend farted whilst driving me home last year. I rolled down the window for a minute.

Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I ignore it. It depends where we are.

It's not, 'Hey, Joe farted. That's so funny'.

Its nasty and usually stinks. Fart in my car while I'm driving and i will push you out while going over a high bridge