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well whether you like it or not whether its hunting for trophy or hunting for food, both pay for conservation, and people who hunt for the trophy, if they don;t keep the meat THEY DONATE IT TO THE COMMUNITY! the animal is NOT wasted, that is why I have NO ISSUES with it. if it wasn;t for the hunting in Africa, their would be no elephants left, and many more animals would be endangered, why??? because their would be no money to stop illegal POACHING

I am neither uneducated or agree, and according to the OP that makes me a shitty human being and an idiot > So, at least he's open minded about listening to other thoughts and ideas. [That last part was sarcasm.]

The concept of trophy hunters as wildlife conservationists is understandable, except it doesn't work. First, not all trophy hunters are noble men with the best of intentions. They along with many other resource predators will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals – they will ruin entire ecosystems and communities in pursuit of a specific hardwood or mineral and kill animals in the most barbaric way to extract specific body parts. They will threaten, terrify and kill people and bribe whoever it takes.

There's even something called Canned hunting, where captive bred lions are released into small enclosures to be hunted in a "no kill no fee" arrangement, but I am the shitty human.

Many of these creatures happen to be in some of the most remote areas of the world, spread across countries without stable government, areas threatened by habitat loss, habitat fragmentation…human activities that disperse and displace the animals. They have difficulty keeping the people alive for Pete's sake.

I'm just a shitty idiot, but I think this is a very big and complex problem with lots of moving parts. Defense of those that have a bloodlust for wild animals just doesn't seem to be a high priority of mine.

Two sides to every coin

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I honestly don't think people stop and think about that. Not everyone is a jackwagon out to make a quick buck. There are a lot of hunters that do good in the world. Sadly those people never get attention because that doesn't sell


I am uneducated on the subject and my POV is hopefully made vague enough to reflect that....

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