ignorance involving hunting is astounding. absolutely mind boggling astounding and quite frankly DISTURBING. hunting in North america, without regulated hunting there would be no more buffalo, there would be no more whitetail deer, many animals would be extinct, why? because their would be no money for conservation, PERIOD! now for big game hunting in Africa, hunter pay a lot of money to hunt one trophy animal, its in the thousands of dollars, but those thousands of dollars goes towards stopping poachers and having rehab projects to ensure animals do NOT go extinct, often they donate most of the meat to the community they hunted in to help the needy, think how much meat one animal gives lols! so next time you see a big game hunter THANK him or her for their conservation efforts, don;t be an uneducated idiot who has NO IDEA what they are talking about PERIOD!

I am sorry for the rant but I am so sick and tired of people who live in cities who have never hunted or even spent one minute doing research saying shite about hunting, and wishing hunters death, or even saying how they deserved death. it is discussing, if you said its karma, or anything along those lines, you are a shitty human being. and you are everything that is wrong with society period!