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That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard in my life. How full of shit and in the pockets of the Democrats is the media?

"By their fruits ye shall know them."

Who's been subverting the US to foreign interests?

Who brought in NAFTA, killing millions of US jobs? Who wants secure borders, and who doesn't? Who wants to kick illegals out and who tries to prevent it? It's plainly obvious to me which party is pro-American and which isn't.

But it's a classic leftist tactic - accuse your opponents of what you yourself do.

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Reagan came off as a well intentioned guy, but he was heavily influenced by Bush, who is creepy to the max, not a fan. But that's old news, we both know the political landscape of modern America.

I think Trump summed it up well...
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Cutting to the chase - No one has discovered shit other than how low the left is willing to go in it's fervent attempts to discredit those that dare to disagree with them.

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You could say the same about conservative media but you would be wrong. I can't think of a single incident in which the conservative media simply made some BS up out of thin air. Your team has a pathetic track record. This crap about Trump colluding with Russia - totally made up, not one shred of evidence - the story keeps hanging on because the left wing propaganda machine that is the main stream media keeps feeding the frenzy with more "announcements of unnamed sources, close to the situation" saying the same stupid shit over and over again.

Other than than that - yeah, practically the same. [sarcasm]

I wouldn't say Republicans. That's a very big generalisation and is wrong - I would say Fox News, most Republicans Politicians and most Trump Supporters.
But yeah, that's the behaviour I'm seeing. The administration does something wrong, and when it's found out, instead of focusing also on what was done wrong, some people focus only in "Who's leaking the fucks up?! That's disrespectful!". I'm pretty sure people are capable of focusing on both.

My biggest problem is actually another behaviour, though - remember how Trump reacted to leaks during the campaign? Because I do.
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