Ladies ONLY!....It's so frustrating when your favourite Bra finally quits on you , that underwire starts to stab you , it's just not prepared to give you anymore support. Amirite ? [yes I know , one of the options disappears. I don't know why and can't fix it.]

My Girl came in yesterday "damn it mum , look at my favourite Bra , it's been stabbing me all thru classes" as She yanked the wire out and threw it across the room. sigh The joys of being a Woman that She has yet to discover. Guys will just never understand how good it feels to have a comfy Bra because lets face it Ladies ......they are devices of torture...... Lets chat , we've all been there. ......Ser.........AND YES GUYS I know the reasons you Love Black Lace push up Bra's , hence the Wolf whistles option lolz wink