Like in the H.G. Wells classic, The Time Machine, Europe is living the fictional nightmare of being led to the slaughter, unable or unwilling to grasp the gravity of their predicament. They have opened their borders to millions of immigrants with a vastly different culture and belief system. Many are nothing more than cave-dwelling Morlocks feeding on Europe’s submissive and compliant citizenry. Numerous other migrants and their offspring demonstrate resistance and downright refusal to assimilate, living in their own little Morlock world of suspicion and hate. Until they are willing...and not a moment sooner.... to forego or eliminate the violent passages in the koran and other Islamic writing nothing will change.! We'd be absolute FOOLS to think otherwise!

These are people that truly believe the greatest threat we face is not ISIS or al-Qaeda, but climate change.

These are not rational people. They refuse to accept and confront what is plainly in front of them, especially the ones who live behind walled mansions. They do not belong in leadership or influential positions. They belong in theoretical ‘think tanks’ where they can only inspire each other.

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