Tool is a loud but not good musical banf?

OH there is a lot of noise around here tonight. I am miles from the river, but TOOL is is making a mess of sounds. Do you all like their music? All I can hear is thumping and perhaps long strumming of one note. Jeesh this is just the start all summer these concerts destroy my the peace in 3 or 4 towns.

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I don't really know much about them except a few songs that people have shared with me.


Sorry Sorry I made a mistake Band not banf. I don't know how to fix that

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Oh well I like no sounds better. Perhaps the home I looked at today is far enough away so I will never hear it un smilie

Never listened to them...I wouldn't know.

You're just not hearing them with good sound obviously. Their music is actually intricate and powerful. You should listen to a few of their songs on youtube.