The best singer in the world is probably an unknown.

That also goes for the best band...and the best of all the others in the world...but is it enough to just be excellent for yourself?

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I know a great singer who isn't famous. A gal that sings at Church. I love hearing her sing. Great voice.

I could see that as a possibility some people just wanna remain that way


I think you're right. With all the wonderful talent out there, only a few are fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time.

It's sad...but is it? Some people were never meant to be universally recognized.

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No...was he the mentor? Sometimes a good singer has a good teacher...whom they attribute a lot to...making it sound like the teacher is as good...even better maybe...then they are themselves.

Well, yes, that happens./ Julio Iglesias was the most popular singer in the world before anybody in USA first heard of him. His first record in America was a duet with Willie Nelson. People had heard of Willie Nelson, but they were saying "Julio Who?"

Probably...There's always someone better at anything..