Should I join the U.S Navy or Air National Guard?

I want to get Tuition Assistance to help me get to a Doctorate Degree. I also want to serve my nation as an Naval Officer or Air National Guard Officer and become a pilot. Which branch has the best tuition assistance and which branch gives you the best opportunities. I understand the National Guard is basically like reserves and don't get paid much, but which offers more during and later in the future?

20% Navy 40% Air National Guard 40% Other
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I doubt you would become an officer right away, it takes years of service in either branch of the military.

When trying to get into a Reserve or National Guard position that will pay for tuition assistance, you generally have a very limited number of options to choose from. (The "sexy" positions, such as pilot, already have a long line of applicants so they aren't going to "pay" for people to get into that arena, especially for reservists. Generally pilots in the Reserves, have already spent time on active duty and are just transitioning to the civilian sector. Flight training is a long course and highly competitive.)
Also, becoming a pilot requires you be an Officer. You'll have to go through ROTC or some other program to become an officer first.
I did know a person who entered a Doctoral Program and Joined ROTC. They pay "some", but you'd have to check with your local ROTC department to see what programs are available.. Also, ROTC candidates rarely have a "choice" on what "Branches" the will be assigned to, i.e. Infantry, MP's, Armor etc.

Anybody who wants to join the military needs his head examined. The biggest difference between Air Force and Boy Scouts is the scouts have adult leadership. I hear the navy is slightly better, but I think it's only because people who join don't expect much. I have no information about National Guard.

In any case, you have to have the degree before you can be an officer, and nobody is going to give you enough money to cover college.