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That was gross and uncalled for. And now people are in a snit because of it. But I remember when someone had a graphic of President Obama with a shotgun in his mouth. I see no difference, both were gross and uncalled for, both were threats to a president, but where were the Republicans then?

Never a fan, but this was beyond gross .... even for her.

It was disgusting and very 'tasteless', on several levels. Even crude comedians can cross the line of decency. She did, and I do believe she realizes that. I don't put much stock in public apologies, but at least hers seemed somewhat sincere.

(As I recall, this recent guest to the White House, board member and prominent spokesperson for the NRA, has simply scoffed at any outrage over his extremely 'tasteless' and disgusting words.)
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@Piper2 It was disgusting and very 'tasteless', on several levels. Even crude comedians can cross the line of...

And where was all the outrage when that happened? Why weren't the Republicans outraged over that episode?

@StarzAbove And where was all the outrage when that happened? Why weren't the Republicans outraged over that episode?

I didn't see or hear any, but I can't say for sure that there wasn't any. That was 9 years ago, and I didn't spend much non-work related time on the internet then. I don't recall it being discussed on any TV news outlet. Nugent has since said equally disgusting things, and I saw him being referred to as a "great American hero" numerous times, on SH.
In the meantime....Kathy Griffin has been blasted by most all on the "right" AND "left", been dismissed from several of her jobs, and "shame" tweeted about by the current president.
Ted Nugent is still happily killing most any animal that moves, a board member the NRA, and has recently been an invited guest of that same president.

I got an email from Rep. Vern Buchanan earlier, about the "shameful hypocrisy of the far left". He said please tell me what you think. I just might....

@Piper2 I didn't see or hear any, but I can't say for sure that there wasn't any. That was 9 years ago, and I...

I was on SH at the time, and it was terrible what the Republicans were saying and laughing about President Obama, it was disgraceful, and it was happening every day.

Do tell your Rep, what you think. You have a great way with words....go for it.

Dateline Missouri State Fair, August 2013

The Missouri State Fair on Monday imposed a lifetime ban on a rodeo clown whose depiction of President Barack Obama getting charged by a bull was widely criticized by Democratic and Republican officials alike.

The rodeo clown won't be allowed to participate or perform at the fair again. Fair officials say they're also reviewing whether to take any action against the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association, the contractor responsible for Saturday's event. Some Democratic Missouri lawmakers suggested Monday that there should be financial consequences for the fair. "This crossed a line. Clearly, when you're suggesting that the president should be injured, it kind of gets to a level of hostility that is inappropriate."

Missouri House Democrats have suggested the Republican-led chamber should form a special committee to investigate the incident and determine whether to continue providing tax dollars to the fair.

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So, would you Trump haters like some help off your high horses?

I don't find it funny or artistic. That's like the lynched black dolls after Obama became President. Even if this was made for comedy purposes (based on what Trump said about Megyn Kelly and her period), as Kathy said in her apology she crossed a line. She could just get a Trump doll and put a pad on his hand or something.

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It was especially gruesome and realistic. My heart goes out to that kid, he didn't ask for all this...


He probably didn't see it, for I am sure he is very protected against such stupidity, as the Obama girls were.

But I must say, after seeing Nugent in action, and all those images of President Obama with a noose around his neck, I can't feel sorry for Trump. ESPECIALLY, the way he talks about others on Twitter. He is the biggest bully there is.

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If he actually did see it, then my heart goes out for him, but only him.

He is an innocent with a horrible, greedy, bully for a father.

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Why would she or anyone think that would be funny. What a jerk.

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Anyone threatening any president should be contained in some way....because once they threaten, they usually carry it out. We live in a sad society. Where people laugh at such horrible images and think it's great. Not me.

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What if we threw in a free lunch at Denny's?
(For you - not Rosie)


hahaha well you know my feelings about Trump, I sure don't want him dead, just out of the White House. hehe smiliehehe smilie

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You promise first.....lol

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but, hon, she's a married lady. lol (I will admit she's a beautiful gal)

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I know, and I'm just messing with you. maniac smilie

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Find this "artist" and arrest him
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@VicZinc Find this "artist" and arrest him

Are you justifying bad behavior by showing it from the other side?

@VicZinc Nope. Thanks for asking.

Your response to a decapitated president is to point out that somebody from the other side did violent art against the leader of the free world also. It just kind of make me think you'd like to see him this way. He's Trump right? You guys actually want him dead don't you?

Of course it does, who wants to loo at that crap - not me.

It's unfortunate that she chose to use her freedom of expression this way, but it is her right. That doesn't mean she can't be challenged on it, which she was and then she was fired. That's the way free speech works, you can be offensive, but it usually comes with a consequence.

That said, after the images, names and tactics repubs engaged in while Obama was in office, I don't think they're in any position to lecture about the need for civility or respectful expression. Just keepin' it real.

Why is this so bad? Really? Griffin was way out of line.

No, it doesn't. But the backlash against Griffin reminded me of the time the 'Dixie Chicks', and Bill Maher were blackballed.

Funny how Ted Nugent didn't suffer any consequences. Oh well, guess Obama had a thicker skin and too much class to make a fuss.

Seems like a PR move.

The darling of the left showing off her ignorance and crudeness yet again.Of course, this will be excused after the blowback calms down and she will be welcomed with open arms to those crazies on the left.

Left is she? I thought just weird.

Thinks she's funny eh? laughs in secret service