This is pathetic...

Seriously people of Wisconsin, I mean - seriously?!?! How, just how? People, if you visit New Hampshire, do NOT drink the tap water.

Map Of 'Most Misspelled Words' Will Have You Shaking Your HeadWisconsinites, we have some questions.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/most-misspelled-words-by-state_us_592eb6bfe4b055a197ce8ede
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Are we sure that the DC area isn't included in the searches for Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, because that would explain a lot.

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I must want everyone to feel stupid. lol

Spelling is stupid.
Einstein has the "I" before "E" thing wrong twice in his name.

hmm smilie Does this mean Indiana is full of sinners cause they can't spell Hallelujah

hehe smilie


@Lil_Princess Does this mean Indiana is full of sinners cause they can't spell Hallelujah 🦋

Haa! What trips me out is the people of 5 states can't spell the word beautiful... in Cali no less. I can see that in the metal and concrete block that is New York City, but Cali??? No excuse for that! lol

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To be honest, if I need to look up a word, I don't google "how to spell X," I just type in the word as I think it's spelled and 'define.' But i gotta be honest, I'm in Texas and no matter how many time I spell maintenance, I always try to switch the e and the a around at the end - tanence. It's one of the few words I instinctively misspell... So I think they may be on to something here.

But Boz, there are five letter words on this map. That is funny, but so sad to me because this is the age of the internet, we have portable dictionaries. wth?

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Oh yeah, I know what you mean about phone numbers and I do not own a cellphone as you know. Caller ID did that to me. lmao

I must be weird, or maybe it's the repetition, but my spelling / grammar skills have genuinely improved with the advent of the net / google instant search world. Or it seems that way to me...

True that on the last part :)

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Haa! I do that too, the bizarre shorthand. I've joked that if anyone pick up one of my notebooks (of which there are a great many) and read what's in them they'd think I was completely psychotic.

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Okay, I've thought this before now, but now it is especially certain - we're kindred spirits =D

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My guess is that it's coming from outsiders writing home to tell loved ones what a great state Wisconsin is.

In Georgia they can't spell "gray". What a hoot!

The last time Wisconsin was a red state before now was the Reagan years. When Wisconsin turned blue, most of the smart Wisconsin residents moved to Texas. Now that it's red again many smart people are moving back.

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