Is Trump Making America Great??

In a word, hell no.
Does anyone still have any confidence at all in Trump?
As Trump's approval plummets the WH issues a press release touting his praises. A very short press release imagine. After a disastrous trip abroad POTUS is not a happy guy. I guess he thought everything would be hunky dory if he let the shit storm die down. This kind of press release is something Kim Jong Un would do.
The scary part is if you go to right wing channels people are raving about what a great job he's doing. There are, apparently, more stupid people than I thought and they're dumber than I expected. I said from the beginning it would be a train wreck. Unfortunately it appears I was right. That's just my opinion. I could be wrong. What do you think?

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No, not at all. Trump is dividing our country, making all our allies mad and distrustful to the United States, but is still sucking up to Russia, that should give every American pause for concern. When these investigations are finished, even the most loyal Trump supporters will know that we have been telling the truth about Trump all along. That he is an ignorant buffoon, only out to help the rich and take away what little the poor Medicaid. Even though he said he wouldn't touch it. Trump needs to go, I doubt he will last even a year.

Since he's been in office there has been scandal after scandal.

He could be doing it much faster if you lefties would get out of the way.

@Budwick He could be doing it much faster if you lefties would get out of the way.

In the way of what? A Muslim ban? A pitiful health care plan and an even worse budget proposal?
You want some banana to go with that republic?
What happened to jobs? What has he actually done?
Approved 2 pipelines we don't need or want, allowed coal mines to pollute the rivers in some fantasy about coal. He wants to pump the most toxic crap know to man through pipelines that always leak and break for something of no benefit to Americans.
2016 FF jobs 75,000
Renewable jobs 250,000
And it's cheaper. WTF are we doing? Going backward? So Germany is kicking our ass in wind and China in solar and we're going to bring back coal. Does that seem like a good idea to you?

Democrats don't have anything to offer but, come on, you can't tell me you don't have serious doubts about this guy.

@urwutuis In the way of what? A Muslim ban? A pitiful health care plan and an even worse budget proposal? You want some...

There never was a Muslim ban and I bet you actually know that, but simply can't get off the tracks laid down for you knuckleheads to follow.

There is no new healthcare plan - but I agree I didn't like the proposal either. Government shouldn't do healthcare.

The budget is weak in defense - I'll grant you that.

Jobs - you've got to be kidding! Jobs growth has been astounding since he took office.

@Budwick There never was a Muslim ban and I bet you actually know that, but simply can't get off the tracks laid down for...

Astounding job growth? 98k in March 138k in April with an average of 181k over the prior 12 months could hardly be called astounding
You're right, it wasn't a ban. my mistake.
There was a new plan. Paul Ryan was waving it like a flag it just wouldn't fly.
Govt shouldn't do healthcare but insurance companies should? Govt healthcare seems to be good enough for congress.

The budget is weak on defense? You're crackin' me up.

So you think the future is in coal and other FFs, tax cuts will create jobs this time and spending more than the next 10 countries combined on "defense" isn't enough.
Not even the obstruction of justice and blurting classified info to assuage his ego gives you pause.
Got it.

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Well, Obama did a lot of damage.

And, if that's all you can see, it must be because that's all you want to see.

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Do we really have to relive those painful eight years again?

Easier to ID what he did right. He authorized pulling the trigger on Bin Laden. (Although he even tarnished that by acting as if he did it himself.)

Everything else, wrong.

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I said that.
I'm the guy!
I'm the the guy that said those very words!
Those words are brilliant! (More so when I say them, but brilliant none the less.)

OK Linn, I liked my plan and couldn't keep it.
I'm am a terrorist by Obama's account. An old white male clinging to my religion and guns.
He fucked up the mid east horribly - lit the planet on fire. He damaged our economy horribly - but didn't give a rats ass cuz as he said so many times, America has to be taken down a notch or two.

He was never FOR America - he's been against America all along!

Yes, cleaning up Obama's mess is automatically going to make America greater.

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There is no proof of any of that.

The uptick in hate crimes is coming from the liberal, progressive Trump haters.

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This liberal, progressive man painted a swastika on his church along with this message, "VOTE TRUMP" before setting the church on fire.

"Making America Great" means different things to different people. Aside from making our military even greater than before, I would say no.

@urwutuis We already spend more on defense than the next twelve countries combined. Isn't that enough?

The amount the US spends on defense is astounding. I question whether we need to be so hyper-interventionalistic. So to answer your question, yes. Too much.

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So because you see nothing wrong with it that makes it right? I happen to see a lot of things wrong with it.
Not necessary being one of them. That money could be used for something besides death and although it's irrelevant I didn't like Obama's military spending , drone program, oil program, Obamacare and immigration policies either. Trump's happen to be worse.
We can't be sure if it's an actual threat, if he's boosting his Raytheon portfolio or if someone bruised his tender ego.
And when did it become OK for govt to influence business? He's got more conflicts of interest than a whore in church.

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No I won't. It would still be the most bloated military on the planet. We don't have to go to war.
No one has invaded the US since 1812 and the war of terror could be ended in a heartbeat.
The best way to combat terrorism is to stop participating in it.
If spending more than the the next 12 countries combined isn't enough the budget isn't the problem

I'd say he is working on it. Congress should get on board or get out of the way.
Taking us out of the climate fiasco until America is not being made to be the ATM for the rest of the globe is exactly what he should have done. America needs a better deal than paying for everything.

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The GOP is split so there is no monopoly. Too many Trump bashers who refuse to look at what he is trying to do.

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They are all contributing factors. Nothing is all one side or the other and that is the problem. No one looks for common ground anymore. Just agree or shut up. It's disgusting.

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Name one thing Trump has done that has helped anyone but himself and the mega rich.

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What? When did he lower the debt and how did he do it?
What did he do that increased jobs?
Except buying some from Carrier.
You mean the numbers that used to be fake but aren't anymore? His job numbers are no better than they've been for at least 4 years. Oops that's zero

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Oh, so you want to make it personal. The debt fluctuates all the time dumbass. Sometimes 20b in a day. A drop like that is meaningless in such a narrow window and comparison to a year ago is beyond ridiculous.
What did he do that caused the debt to go down?
Was it because of Trump or in spite of him?

This is America. I may have to tolerate it but I don't have to "accept" corruption and stupidity in office and get in line with the rest of you sheep.

You confuse concern about reality and the direction we're taking with hate just like they tell you to.
I don't hate Trump I just think he's neither qualified nor capable of being the leader of the "free world".
If he's a leader the woods are full of them.
Apparently things like obstruction, unilateral bombing and revealing classified info don't concern you.
You want some banana to go with that republic.

Well he's not fucking it up....pardon my french

For what I've seen, not even close.

He is making himself great.

While I'm no advocat I have heard he's decreased the unemployment rate in the US.

@Sukiesnow While I'm no advocat I have heard he's decreased the unemployment rate in the US.

Trump is taking credit for it but had nothing to do with it. Even his Carrier deal was a joke that cost taxpayers thirteen million.

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We've had positive job growth for years. It didn't just start when Trump was elected and the numbers are no higher and the jobs no better than they have been. He tried to take credit for Ford and GM but the decisions were made before he even started to run. Carrier plans to use that 13 million dollar gift to automate.
What a great deal.
To say nothing of obstruction of justice in the Flynn case.

He gave up classified info bragging to the Russians .
In the oval office no less. Then stupidly verified Israel,which he didn't know was part of the Middle East, as the source and gave more classified info to the butcher from the Philipines.
Of course none of this gives you pause.
Or that he doubled the rates at Trump Tower and Mar-a-lago now that taxpayers are picking up the tab.
No conflict of interest there. Or the missiles that boosted his Raytheon stock. 60 million plus and the airport was up the next day.
His approval rating is already below 40% and the only crisis he's had to deal with are the ones he created.
He's starting to unravel and his bullshit isn't working anymore

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One month? Really? A half percent for one month and you think he changed the world? Is he also responsible for the spike in January?
I guess It depends on which cherry you pick

better then if Hitlary was in office